How to create a paper book flower - a valentine's day idea

How to create a paper book flower - a valentine's day idea

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Tools and a book you won't mind tearing into >:)

First, tear out a few pages out of the unwanted book *this step was a bit saddening for me to kill an innocent book haha*

This is roughly the shape of the 'petals' you will need to make the flower

I cut out about 20 petals big and small. The number also depends on how big you want your flower to be

Make the cutting process faster by folding the pages twice!

To make that sort of droopy-like look to the petals, fold it gently in half vertically

Then, bend the top half away from the fold. Doesn't it look pretty already?

Do the foldings to all your petals

Now get your hot glue gun/super glue handy

I will be using this cool bubble stick I found around the house to use as the stem/base of the flower

Begin by using the smallest petals

Add glue in the center crease of the petal

And quickly stick to your stem before it dries!

Now that both sides are done, glue your petals all around

Add bigger and bigger petals as you go along and keep going! If you're doing it right, it might look a little something like....

...This :) The end results are beautiful! And this flower is of a smaller version

Here's a bigger version of a book flower that I've made a few weeks ago. Good luck and have a wonderful Valentines day with OR without someone :)

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