How to do cool sound expieriments

How to do cool sound expieriments

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In this station you take the tuning fork and hit it against something ( not to hard) and put it against the ping-pong ball and the vibrations from the tuning fork is what makes the ping-pong ball move

What you do is you hit the mallet against the tuning fork and put it against the salt and the salt goes everywhere. But it's really cool to see how the salt flys up because of vibrations.

This expierement is really cool! You take a whine glass and fill it with water. After you fill it with water you put half of your pointer finger in the water then wipe your finger on your shirt or

Pants. Then stick your finger back in the water and move your finger around the rim of the whine glass. And that's because of the vibrations on the middle and bottom of the glass.

Toward the desk it's a higher pitch because it has less vibrations. But when you move it back out from the desk it's a lower pitch because of the more vibrations.

Because of vibrations.

In this experiment you tap the bottles with the mallet. And you hear different pitches. And you hear the pitches because depending on the water level. The more water the less vibrations the lower the

Pitch. The less water there are more vibrations which makes a higher pitch.

This expierement is where you take a tuning fork and hit it ( not to hard) against something. Than you pull it up to your ear then you listen to the vibrations. The sound waves travel to your ear

And make a very high or low pitched sound. Depending on the size of the tuning fork.

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