How to make smoked salmon on rye #healthyeating

How to make smoked salmon on rye #healthyeating

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This is more of an assembly job than a recipe, but is perfect for a quick healthy lunch when you're in a hurry.

Take one slice of rye bread and slice into two

Add a generous layer of cream cheese

Drape slices of smoked salmon on each. I use the salmon trimmings from the supermarket which are perfect when you don't need full slices as they're much cheaper.

In the winter I buy bags of frozen herbs for ease. You could easily make your own with plastic zip bags.

Add freshly ground black pepper to each and serve with a sprinkling of chives or parsley and some lettuce drizzled with rapeseed oil or your favourite dressing. Enjoy!

You can also make mini versions of these for canapés or alter the filling for example crushed avocado mixed with a little lemon juice and red chilli and topped with shredded roast chicken works well.

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