How to shave with a safety razor: like a barber

How to shave with a safety razor: like a barber

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Start with a clean face and a pre shave cream. I recommend this proraso cream, made from green tea it has a slight cooling feel.

Apply a thin layer of pre shave cream or oil. I recommend proraso pre shave cream or a cold pressed raw coconut oil.

Use a soft shave brush and a mug.

Use a cake soap or other type of shaving soap. I use colonol conks bay rum shave soap. With a splash of warm water work the soap into a foamy lather with your shave brush.

Using your shave brush apply the lather to the face. Really take time to work the lather in and soften the whiskers. Apply against the grain or in a circular pattern.

Use a traditional double edged safety razor and a new razor blade.

Shaving against the direction of hair growth usually causes irritation and razor burn. Use a light touch with your razor and shave in the direction of hair growth.

Always shave with the grain of the hair. For most people this is in a downward direction along the sideburns and cheeks. Down along the moustache and across the chin. Shave with the grain on the neck.

Finish the shave with a splash of cool water, this closes the pores on the face. Apply an aftershave cream or lotion, I like the smell of a traditional bay rum aftershave.

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