How to develop bw film in diafine

How to develop bw film in diafine

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Diafine is a two step process. It is great for beginners because it is not terribly temperature sensitive and the process is the same regardless of the speed of your black and white film.

Be sure to label your funnels. Part A cannot mix with ANY of part B or you will ruin the developer!

Fixer for black and white film. Mix according to the directions on the bottle.

Powder concentrate box for Diafine

Kodak Photo-flo to prevent water spots

Rubber gloves

Bottle opener to open the can of film

Plastic container and reel

Hewes reel and container

Items to Place in the darkroom bag. Don't forget the film!

Once you are in the dark, open the canister with the bottle opener and cut the tab off the film to straighten the edge.

Wind the film onto the reel. I have two short videos that will explain the two main options and the basic process.

Hewes Reel Spokes

The plastic reel is placed on a spindle that creates a light tight barrier for the film.

The lid (with agitating rod) is placed on next. A plastic lid is placed over this.

The Hewes Reel does not have a spindle. It is just placed into the metal container.

Now that your film is loaded, you can bring it out of the darkroom or bag. At this time you will follow the directions provided with your chemicals.

The general directions for Diafine are: Three minutes in part A with agitation for ten seconds each minute. Drain part A back into container A. Repeat steps above with Part B.

Rinse and then fix according to the directions. Rinse well and finish with a light wash of Photo-Flo. Hang negatives to dry in a DUST FREE place. Clothes pins work very well.

I use the plastic agitation rod during the developing process. Some people prefer to invert the tank. Experiment to see what works best for you!

Watch the video: 2 Bath Homemade Photographic Film Developers for Bu0026W Film Developing How To


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