How to receive facebook notifications and post via sms

How to receive facebook notifications and post via sms

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Because the Facebook app has such terrible notifications. I'm always looking for alternatives. So I tried facebooks SMS feature and I actually like it better than the apps terrible notifications.

You'll be able to post to your Facebook profile and receive posts and comments made to your profile as a text message. You have control over what you want to receive as text or not.

This does not work through your news feed. Just your profile. So you won't be bombarded with texts from your news feed. You'll just receive text for what you'd want to receive them for.

Another advantage is because you can receive text messages even when you don't have wifi or 3G. You can still post to Facebook and receive comments when you don't have an Internet connection.

But because this works through SMS text messages. You'll only want to do this if you have unlimited texting. Otherwise it'll be added to your texting limits.

You can also easily turn this service on and off any time. So don't worry if you end up not liking this service. If you don't like it just deactivate it. Lets get started.

In the Facebook app or mobile website. Go to Account Settings.

Select Text Messaging.

Then Activate Facebook Text Messaging.

Select your country.

Select your Carrier service.

Then fallow the instructions. It'll direct you to send a text message to the number they provide containing the message "FB" (without quotes).

Enter your Facebook password to confirm its for your Facebook account.

You'll receive a text reply with a link. Open the link. It'll open in your safari browser (you should be signed into Facebook in safari).

Then just tap Activate.

You'll receive a confirmation text with basic instruction on how to use the service.

You'll also be taken to a confirmation page and the service settings. Select "Edit" in the notifications section to toggle its settings.

Here you can toggle on and off the options such as what you do or do not want to receive from your Facebook profile in a text message. Like I said, you're in control.

That's all there is to it. Add the Facebook number to a contact. I just named mine Facebook. Text to this number it'll post to your profile. And you'll receive your wall posts & comments vie text.

I find this much more accurate than the Facebook app notifications. I hope you find this helpful.

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