How to quickly draw a semi-realistic eye

How to quickly draw a semi-realistic eye

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Make a lemon-shape on your paper like this...

A common mistake that people make when drawing an eye is drawing a circle in the eye for the iris. Instead, you should draw a "U" shape in the eye like this.

Draw another "U" shape inside the first, putting it very close to the first one.

Make a third smaller "U" inside the eye for the pupil.

Draw these three shapes in the eye..

Erase any lines that go through them.

Darken the pupil

Darken in between the large and the medium "U"

Start making lines like this in the iris..

Continue around, changing the direction the line is going as you go around the iris. DONT fill in the shapes we made earlier.

Take your finger and rub around the iris to blend it.

LIGHTLY erase inside the shapes that you made.

Darken the pupil and in between the large and middle "U"

Darken the outside of the eye

Add eye lashes to the top. Remember, they increase in size going left to right

Add lashes to the bottom and blend them with your finger.

Add a curved line to this area of the eye.

And another on this side..

Lightly darken the inside of both of those spaces and blend with your finger.

Erase any stray pencil marks and clean up the space.

Add a curved line above the eye and lightly blend below it with your finger.

Tadumm! Stand back and admire your artwork! :)

If you attempt it, I would LOVE to see it! Please upload it to twitter and mention me (@fhfreak13). thanks and happy crafting! :)

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