How to make a skull cut out tshirt

How to make a skull cut out tshirt

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So take an old tshirt and cut the neck to get rid of the collar band. Again sadly I've already made the tee, so the pictures for the steps won't be perfect, since I've clicked the final piece pics :(

Cut the neck

Next cut out the sleeves, to make them deep. Make sure you stretch and pull the cut out parts to give the tee a loose feel.

Cut the sleeves

Then, cut the tee from below, I.e the hemline.

Cut below

Now draw out the skull at the back of the tee with the chalk. Two oval eyes, two tiny triangles for the nose. And many rectangles for the mouth in a row.

This is what you should cut out.

For it to be easier and same on both the sides, fold the back part if the tee exactly in half and draw only one eye, one triangle for nose and half the mouth.

Make only the back part half and draw, then cut like this.

Then cut along the lines, and your done! Just pull and stretch the tee!

Eyes like this

Nose like this

Mouth like this

This is how it looks in the end!

Ok so I've drawn it out, for better understanding. This is how it will look when you fold it in half. Make sure you don't fold the front face of the tee. And this is what you should draw and then cut.

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