How to make a bifold leather wallet

How to make a bifold leather wallet

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Start by choosing a premium vegetable tan leather

Cut a two piece of 29cm x 10cm for the outer layer and 31cm x 10cm for the inner layer, make sure its square around the corner

On the outer layer make a guide line about 5.5cm from the edge by pen

Using a leather groover scrap the both line until it is thin so it can be fold easily

Fold the inner layer and hit it gently with the mallet

The inner layer should be like this

Use a stamping machine if desired to branding the wallet

After using a stamping machine, my brand is bergh&ozil :)

Next step is put a credit card and then draw a guideline again inside the folding

Put a glue between the guideline and the folding point

Hit it again gently with the mallet until it bond perfectly

Draw the guideline again to determine the position of the card

Using a stitching wheel mark the sewing line

It should be like this, mine was about 6mm gap

Using an awl punch a hole for the stitching

Sew the leather together..

Sew both side

Put the inner layer and outer layer together and then by using an awl, punch a hole to sew the both layer together, sew it together using a waxed thread

Remember to sew the bottom side alltogether but not on the upper side (for the money pocket)

Done !

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